The Thirteenth Tale

This book tops my recently edited “My Favorites” List because it is so well written. It could be classified as a mystery/suspense novel, but I don’t think it applies as heavily as people think.

    I was amazed to hear that this was Diane Setterfield’s first novel because the way in which she writes shows experience. She is a true storyteller. I found myself so enthralled with it that I  was sad to see that there weren’t more pages. You fall in love with all the characters, no matter how wicked they are, because you see the people they could have been, just as the narrator does.

     It’s a story about a ghost, a house, a fire, twins, and an old woman(a famed author) who has a dark past she wants to release before “the wolf” finally devours her. The biographer (and narrator of this tale) finds herself much more invested in the tale than she should be, and because of this, the biographer and the storyteller develop a unique bond based on secrets and loss. Finally, after almost fifty years of secrecy, the narrator pulls the cloth from the mystery behind the old woman’s famed first novel which was meant to be a book of thirteen, but was published with only twelve chapters. And so, The Thirteenth Tale is told.

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  1. I too loved this book, it is high on my list of favorites. I hope Santa puts a copy in my stocking as it is a gift to open again and again! The subtle reference to other books and their significance to the tale is one of the most intriguing aspects of this book. Not only clasics, but even a reference to “Clue”. I so agree about the characters and how each one impacts the story. So which of the twins survived the fire? Ah this is the question of questions!

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