The Perks of Being a Wallflower

     This has been my favorite book for many years… well, only about three… and its probably because I have a very personal associations with it.

     It was recommended to me the summer between my freshman and sophomore year by a very dear friend, and he very much resembled the narrator, and at the time he commented that he thought I very much resemble the lead female, and not just because we share a name. At the time I was rather blind, and didn’t see this as his way of telling me that he fancied me, but just the intimacy of the conversation that early morning (at that time I had yet to find another bookworm, so discussing books was a very personal thing to me), and the events preceeding it (a long walk around an empty neighborhood in the early hours discussing life, the universe and everything) made it, as Charlie would have said, “feel as if we were infinite”.

     In truth, this is the only book I have ever bought on tape, because I don’t much like the idea of trying to listen to someone tell a story when Id rather let the world stop and read it myself… but this is the kind of book that i know so well that I can take put my iPod and select a part of the book at random and be perfectly comfortable that way.

     I’m big into quotes as well, and I remember reading that book and within a week going out and buying my own copy so I could highlight all over it (I felt like such a defiant little thing!). And I still have that copy upstairs. But my favorite quote out of the whole thing is when Charlie is talking with his English teacher and telling him about his sister, and the abusive relationship, and all his teacher can say is “We accept the love we think we deserve, Charlie.” and at the time, I was on my way down the same path and this was a real wake-up call. Stephen Chbosky did an amazing job with this. I don’t know if books can change lives, but this definitely changed the way I thought.

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