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My Fairy Godmother is at it again this week, keeping me on track. The only thing holding me back is the fact that 2009 is not off to a good start, as far as reading goes. I think that, according to my reading log, I have finished one book.

In five weeks, I have finished one book. Oy vey. And as expected, the To-Read Shelf has bore fruit and started a To-Read Colony in the shelf below. Oh dear… Did I mention I hit the library yesterday?

Sometimes I really think there is no hope for me, and then I am reminded of why I go to the library: its my version of Retail Therapy. Some women get a rush from picking up a new sweater (don’t get me started on my knitting problems) or a dozen pairs of shoes. Me, I go to the local library and fill my bag, and my arms, and consider “just one more” knowing full well I will never open half of them, and the other half will become overdue in two weeks. Then I check out and leave with twenty books I have never read  before and am thrilled by all the adventures that I hold in my hands, and the prospect of finding another character to love.

I love reading.  I genuinely love it. Sometimes I forget that. Especially when I’m looking at that same stack of books three days later thinking such terrible things as “why did I pick this up?”  “There is no way I can read all these.” and, my favorite  “I don’t remember leaving with this many.”

Meanwhile, the shopaholic down the street is sweating this month’s credit card bill, and I’m pondering why the Library would give people a 99-book limit if they don’t recommend getting beyond ten. Imagine getting 99 books from the library. Just imagine.

Where would they go? How would you get them out of there? What does this say about one’s sanity?

This is what I do when I should be reading. Au Revoir, dearest. Down the road I go.

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“Honest to blog?”


This has definitely been a writer’s block type of week, so I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, dear readers; I have been avoiding this blog by reading other people’s blogs, and I’m going to blog about what I’ve found. That is as simple as it gets.

I began with the blogs of the students that contribute to and was delighted with what I found.

  • Lindsea K is all about Love and Logic, and posts art, videos, poetry and pictures whenever she gets the whim. Her blogs are fun to read because she holds nothing back and has a quiet honestly to them (I say quiet because she doesn’t seem like the kind of person to shout her truths from the rooftops) and I admit, I immediately subscribed.
  •  Two Penguins and a Typewriter also caught my attention. Anthony Chivetta is very realistic about whatever he writes and has the amazing gift of pointing out the obvious without talking down to anything at all. Most of all, he writes about what he knows. The archives show that he’s obviously a computer geek (I would be, too, if I had enough patience), but he’s a geek who can explain anything to anyone.
  • Partytime is another new favorite from Nicole in Korea. I instantly fell in love with her blog because she’s already vocalized so many of the worries that I’ve been having. She has the kind of blog that starts conversations. If I ever met her, I think she’d be my new best friend. Maybe its a silly thing, but I love the feeling of finding someone who shares the same feelings I do! She has such a passion (oh, the irony… read her latest blog.) for art and people. This girl has hopes of finding something more out in the world, and I hope the world doesn’t let her down.
  • Sean, The Bass Player, struck me as the kind of guy who would order hot chocolate from starbucks and just sit and chat. He has an opinion about everything, but he’s not closed-minded. He’s going to be a fun one to follow.
  • The Cloudy Dreamer has to be mentioned as well because she is so hilarious! My favorite post is, without question, her 2008 Resolutions. I laughed until I cried, then I finished the other half of the list. Reading her tagcloud alone says volumes.

These are some of the people that control our future, and this is rather comforting. I also had a few recommendations from one of my Fairy Godmothers, and Wandering Ink is at the top of that list. There is no easy way to explain the blog, so read it yourself. You could spend hours there. 2 Cents Worth, by David Warlick, is one of those blogs that will come in handy. I’ve only read a dozen posts so far, but I’ve already had three or four lightbulbs turn on.

In other news, this week’s goal is to get at least one video posted, get an archives page for all the quotes I use, as well as a page for my art, and another that “Documents my world” (I’m still trying to figure out what that means). I praise the Glorious Chaos.

Oh, and any suggestions for a new title? “…and Curiosity” just isnt working anymore. Any questions you’d like to see in the new interview videos I’m working on? 

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