As Simple As Snow

    I absolutely love this book because of the way in which its written. The characters are rather static, but I love the idea of introducing culture through a character. Thats what this book does. The narrator is a nobody who falls for the mysterious outcast (who happens to be the new girl) and evetually said girl disappears again. But not after leaving a trail of clues as to where she went…

The book ends with him going off to find her, not really having much of an idea as to where to start looking. In this manner, the author (Gregory Galloway) leaves it up to the reader. The book is filled to the brim with obscure references to albums, art, places and noteworthy people in history. And if thats not enough, in small print in the very back is a website.

Like many people across the globe, I still don’t know what to think. And that alone is what makes this an amazing book. In fact, parts of it has stuck with me even though I read this almost three years ago. (Interesting Fact: The quote below my page title is actually from this book.)

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