Losing Steam

Steam (56/365), originally uploaded by Brian Gudas Photography.

My most recent trip to the library yielded a double-digit late fee – which makes me believe I’m a repeat offender on their Most Wanted List – and a new stack of books. Almost a dozen, actually. That night I took from the top of the stack and began Not Tonight Honey, Wait ’til I’m a Size Six by Susan Reinhardt which was hailed as “the southern belle’s answer to Dave Sedaris” (Karin Gillespie). I don’t know why that enticed me, since I don’t much like Dave Sedaris, but we’ll get to him later…

So, I was excited for this book. After reading a few pages I got even more anxious to devour the text. I knew it would be great since I found this gem of wisdom on page two: “Beautiful women are a dime a dozen, you’ve got to be much more than that.” I got my hopes up and read a hundred pages.

Readers, I went to bed sorely disappointed. Yes, Susan Reinhardt is a true southern belle, and Not Tonight Honey is a book of cute short stories involving her mother, her family and a colorful cast of characters… but  she writes about things I know nothing about; overbearing mothers, running a household, Georgia, and old people. I just don’t get it, and I’m not sorry for that. It isn’t where my life is right now and I don’t think I “get” southern humor anyway.

I put the cover quote up to a challenge and, with a bot abhorrence, picked up that Dave Sedaris novel Dress Your Family in Courderoy and Denim. I was not disappointed. By that I mean I was disappointed. To reiterate, I didn’t have a high opinion of Mr. Sedaris before I picked up his book, and I still don’t. They both write from worlds that I have never encountered, and they write poorly at that.

Okay, maybe I’m being a snob.  But I’m a snob with better books to read. Besides, I don’t consider it a complete waste of my time: I got a good quote out of it.

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