“Some” Is Not Enough


The best days are not planned, originally uploaded by Marcus Hansson.

I’m not looking forward to going home after work today, because I know I have a grim job ahead.

          I have a sad, sorry tale to tell, dear readers. My wonderful father and I have just moved into a wonderful little house, and it has been my job to turn it into a wonderful little home. So far, so good. But I encountered a problem last night: I had filled the bookshelves, and still had stacks of books left on the floor. Well, obviously, there’s not enough bookshelf. I called my father over to observe this phenomenon.

          “Lets make room,” he parrots. My first thought was  lets get rid of his books then. Logical, yes? I’m afraid I don’t like his books nearly as much as I like mine. We managed to weed out two dozen, but fifteen of those were from stacks that were still on the floor (We are bad at this). Then I brought up that we can take them to the used book store, get credit, and come home with some that we’ve been meaning to get. he liked that idea (we are very bad at this). The grim job ahead is the act of getting rid of books, and I can’t getrid of books. No. We will not have that in my house.  So I thought that I’d be sneaky, and do the NovelDame version of sending the children away for the weekend: I decided to send some of my favorites away with a trusted book lover (trusted, because she brings them back). So I sat and pondered. What has she read? What do I think she would enjoy? I came away with three books. Three rather skinny, measly, willowy books. Not because I didn’t fond any she would enjoy but because the majority of MY books on the shelves were. . . unread. (See The Infamous To-Read Shelf from March)

          Well, at this point I had to figure out why that was. I took inventory: I had started precisely THIRTY of the books without committing to finishing, knowing full well that they really are worth finishing. That can’t be right… here I am, looking at my reading log for 2008, and out of the 45 books I’ve read this year, six have been my own personal novels. Six. Suddenly, that To-Read BOOKSHELF is looking very logical.

          Be warned, ye hearty readers: The perils of To-Read thinking are treacherous! It goes from a stack (2-3 books) to a pile (4-9) to taking up a whole shelf (10-30) to a whole bookcase. That still astounds me! A whole bookcase of books I haven’t read.

                                                                                               oh my.

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