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I’ve been looking at my Book Log for 2008 trying to figure out which books I didn’t get around to writing about (so I can do so now) and I’ve noticed a trend. Its a trend that I don’t like.

     It began when I picked up the graphic novel V for Vendetta. It really was up there in terms of quality. I was very impressed. The images weren’t cartoony or action-figure poses and the colors were natural. The story line was detailed, quick-paced, and well thought out and V made a wonderful Anti-hero. While the little boys down the block wanted to be like Batman and Superman, I wanted to be like V (part of me still does).  It is a graphic novel that is definitely worth buying . . . then the movie came out. Personally, I have never seen the movie. I don’t think I ever will. The truth is that from what I’ve been told, the movie only loosely resembles the Graphic Novel, which is very disappointing, because I can’t name a thing that could have been improved upon.

     Then, come last March, I picked up Nick and Norah’s infinite Playlist. Again, I thought it was fantastic! It was funny, mature, intriguing, and even a bit dark. Its not exactly something you take to your book club, but for High Schoolers and 20-Somethings its a real treat, like a slice of cheesecake after a long week. Then the movie came out. . . again, I haven’t gone to see it. Really, I don’t want to. I’ve discussed it with people who went and saw the film, and again I’m disappointed. First off, they left out some of the funniest scenes in the whole novel just to make the flick PG-13. They’re not lewd scenes by any means, and the dialogue that goes on is fantastic. But NOOOO… they got cut.

THEN…. there’s this Twilight thing. I didn’t like the book, so I probably will loathe the movie, so we’ll let this one slide.

The truth is that the only Movie-Based-On-The-Book that I really genuinely enjoy is the live-action version of Peter Pan. It was outstandingly true to the text, the special effects were amusing and the actors were surprisingly good. When I’m in a reminiscent mood I pair that up with Hook, which is a sequel of sorts.

 This whole Based-On-The-Book thing is really letting me down in the long run. This really disheartens me since I was so looking forward to seeing Brendan Fraiser in inkheart, which is another favorite… ahh well.

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