Men Can’t Claim the World Anymore


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I’ve been following a very strange path lately that has been leading me to women’s books written by men. Sort of a Book of Secrets from the other side of the line. Really though, they should all be praised individually but they share too many similarities to be ignored.

    It started with The MANualby Steve Santagati. I got a hold of it thanks to my sister about a year ago. Good God, was that a learning experience. It confirmed two things: Men are really very simple, and Women love to complicate everything! At the time I thought it wise to discuss my findings with my father and he gave me the Duhlook. Then he gave me a lovely lesson on Blondes, Brunettes and Cookies. That really is a story for another day, so I’ll save it. Basically, this book teaches you a lot of things you didn’t know you should know. Its a nice start.

          From there, I just hadto know more, so I hit the local library immidiately. That is where I found my next adventure;  Cad: Confessions of a Toxic Bachelor. Whaaaaat?  Exactly. I read the title and iimmidiately thought to myself that I have dated this man. If not this man, then one just like him. I read the book, cover to cover. Every word. It was exhausting. It was educational. It was very, very discouraging. he gave away every one of his moves,the tactics he used to hook a girl. Woman after woman, actually. He had a game plan. He had a system that had been perfected and the only thing that ever messed it up is when he actually got involved. Emotionally, mentally, physically… it doesn’t matter. It still ruined everything for him. The worst part is, he knew exactly what he was doing. Part of me still wants to believe that he really is a nice guy inside, he’s just… Bloody hell. I don’t know. He really did act like a Cad. This book confirmed that  I really have dated guys just like him! And now I see how they managed to hook me, too.

          Now I was just angry at men… so I gave the “confessional genre” a break for a bit and only recently rediscovered it when I haphazardly came across What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business. I tell you this: if you do nothing else with your life, buy this book. Buy it now. It is the single greatest investment you could ever make (aside from that commemorative Wizard of Oz porcelain doll set you just blew your retirement fund on). Really. It doesn’t just explain men in business, it explains men’s behavior period! Again, men are very simple. This book explains how they do business with eachother, what signs they look for in behavior and dress and why you aren’t (or are) getting what you deserve from them.

          The reason I grouped these three books together is for the simple fact that they aim to give power back to women. Females can (and have) spent all of their lives trying to find the secrets held in these books. There really is valuble information in here, including ideas you can put to use immidiately. Whether you’re looking to improve your dating pool, get a promotion or just get along with your co-workers, you can’t find a good excuse to put this off for any longer.

          Alright, one last try… if you’ve ever read He’s Just Not That Into You and had an epiphany about multiple relationships, you NEED these books. Its never too late to fix… well, you tell me.

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