Just Another Welcome Back


It’s been too long, old friend. I have no reasonable excuse, except for the fact that academics come first. I’ve had to drop roughly 5 books due to the chaos that is Life After High School. In any case, I was offered a challenge by a close friend. She adores a current NY Times Bestseller which seems to be at its peak of hysteria, and all year she has been trying to get me to pick this up. (Its Fiction, of course, and I have a nonfiction agenda.) So, during my peak of hysteria, she offers me this: Read Twilight before Thanksgiving. I won’t bother to put the rest in print, for I love her enough to save her the embarassment. Just know it was good enough to make me check out Twilight the next day.

I have less than a third left, and its… ugh. its Chick Lit, okay? Its cute, predictable, with a plot line much like steel wool. Its pretty, easy on the mind, rough in some spots, and keeps things clean. I admit the characters are mostly admirable even though Bella is not quite believable, and Edward stepped out of a Jane Austen novel. Its a book. I respect that. But… I strive for better. Better characters, better plot, better quality.

Okay, I’ll be nice. Right now, its the perfect book for me. It holds my attention easily, its long enough to need effort, and it keeps me distracted but doesn’t need to be pondered once I shut it. That being said, I’m off to go finish up the dozen tasks I started and then open it again.

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