I Don’t Give A…


“Snow doesn’t give a soft white damn who it touches”
– E. E. Cummings

it isn’t snowing today, but I fully embrace the attitude. You’ve heard my take on the Men’s side of things. I think its time for some girl power.


First off, we’ll start with what I think is the Anti-MANual. Any girl who has gotten desperate, curious or both has picked up The Rules. Even the title makes women shiver without knowing why. I loathe this book with every fiber of my being. I cannot stress that enough. Simply put, a bunch of Old Bats sat down and wrote a book on how to lure a man into marrying you. It includes such “time-tested miracle rules” like Don’t Accept a Date after Wednesday.  The whole book is depressingly pre-feminist and comes from a time when men and women were practically at war with eachother. It preaches playing hard to get and aiming to be arm candy. It advises women to play sports that make them look attractive “such as tennis and golf”, not ones that make them look sweaty or mannish. And if it makes them more attractive, they should invest in “getting their noses and such fixed”. This book really pushed my buttons. I think it teaches manipulation and is frankly degrading. I wouldn’t let anyone talk to me in the same tone this book narrates.

          The funny thing is that Susan Gilman took them to heart and turned them around – to use them as business tips in her book Kiss My Tiara: How to Rule The World as a Smartmouth Goddess:

Play hard-to-get. Don’t accept the very first offer. Test the waters instead. After an employer names the salary, say ‘well, I was actually hoping for more.’ If They refuse to budge on the money, my friend Sarah (another career diva) suggests negotiating benefits, vacation days, profit sharing, and stock options.”

          Brilliant. I enojy this book because it builds women up instead of tearing them down. it tells you what to start doing right. It preaches being strong, witty, creative, logical, and above all things, honest. Really, how many women are honest with themselves nowadays?

          In any case, I don’t think it really matters what you read, exactly. Just take pleasure in the fact that you are willing and able to read, and find a gem a truth somewhere in there. If you can do that, then all is well.

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