Unfamiliar Territory

The Train Enthusiast, originally uploaded by MarkyBon.
WordPress changed its blogging format, so now I’m quite discombobulated. Forgive me.
In other news, my Spring Break has been both eventful and uneventful in a simultaneous sort of way. I have spent most of it surrounded by two of my sisters and my darling niece (who has a passion for electronics rather than books, despite my suggestions). But at the same time I have failed to write about all the books I have read, nor have I completed any of the paper-pushing tasks set before me.
I was able to see subjects of my family through the eyes of a foreigner, but with the insights of a native (which was very unsettling indeed). My darling readers, this whole adventure that has been visiting family has reminded me that people themselves do not change, they merely change the way in which they present themselves. Books are very much like that, you know.
My father’s green canvas, parchment-printed, tattered fourth edition of Pinocchio is of no comparison to its full-color illustrated hardcover sister (circa 2002, which is in my possession) but they are the same once you get past the flim-flam. What matters (in books and people) is what is at the heart of it all. When all is said and done, did you walk away knowing that you were forever marked? That is the goal of every author and every friend; to touch and be touched.
Dearest reader, all I ask of you is to sit down and think about the books and people that have touched you. How did each influence your journey through life? If you like what you see, then don’t think twice. If your list is short, whats been stopping you?

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