Looking Back

Reflections in a Mirror
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I find myself thinking about the last four months and everything it has brought me. I went into this whole thing – the blog, the tech fair – expecting to come out of it a little more tech-savvy, much more well-read, with a whole new appreciation for. . . something. I had no preference, just something. Really, I didn’t know what to expect. Like so many things this year, I went into it blindly. Even now, I can see how much I’ve grown. This experience has been absolutely amazing!

I see things differently. I have changed as a person, evolved even. To sit and explain my goal to passersby at the 2008 Tech Fair gave me a chance to explain all this to myself. To have people come up to me and tell me they’ve been following the blog for some time, and to hear that I’ve done a great job is flattering. I still believe that I’ve done nothing out of the ordinary. I say what is on my mind, and I try to do it with honesty and integrity.

Maybe that is why they listen; I don’t speak to get praise, I speak for myself. I speak to put ideas into the world. I speak so knowledge isn’t lost. That is why I still do this, folks. It wasn’t until I sat and talked with my father about this chapter in my life that it occured to me  that people listen to what I have to say. The odd part is that I can’t focus on that idea for too long, otherwise I lose my voice. I get virtual stage fright.

My dearest father and my beloved Fairy Godmothers have all but printed posters listing my accomplishments (which I have achieved despite my tendancy to procrastinate), and they don’t understand why I don’t shout it from mountaintops as well. I don’t do that because I’ve said it all before. This isn’t about me. I don’t want this to be about me. I want this to be about community, ideas, knowledge, history, and (most of all) books.

I have a vision of something bigger, and I’m just trying to get from point A to point B. Every new reader is a new helping hand, so thank you, everyone.

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  1. You “speak” so beautifully. In four months, you’ve already grown a lifetime.

    Thank YOU!


  2. My role as a fairy godmother is one I relish and will cherish. I don’t expect you to shout from the mountain tops; I know that isn’t you. My wish is that you continue to grow, to search, and learn. My hope is that you will keep writing… keep creating… and be proud of your accomplishments. Pride doesn’t have to mean arrogance or self-importance. Pride can also mean dignity and satisfaction with one’s work.

    Knowledge and experience are worthless unless they are shared. Thank you for sharing your journey as you read, explore, create, and reflect. Now, about those podcasts… 🙂

  3. Speak, for god’s sake, speak. Speak when others will not. Kudos to you for achieving all that you have done thus far. Continue on with your great work. Supercalifragilisticexpealadotious.

  4. You have a voice that will be heard from the mountain tops and will ring forth for a very long time. As one of the Godmothers I thank you for adding a new dimension to my life and for your insite into books. It has been a joy watching you grow and seeing you develop a meaningful writing style. Keep reading, keep blogging, keep dreaming, keep learning. The world is waiting.

    “Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right, decide on what you think is right and stick to it.”

    — George Eliot

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