The Storm Has Passed!

Sailors’ Memoreis [HDR]
Originally uploaded by Hussain Shah (Kuwaiti Muwali)

It is much too soon to pause and reflect upon today, and what lies ahead for NovelDame. I will tell you this: I will continue. After all, there is so much left unsaid! So many books unread!

But in light of the technology fair, I would like to thank Seagate for my new 5.0 gig flash drive (expect more art! more videos! more additions!) as well as my dear readers (I have aquired readers!) for introducing themselves and singing songs of support and the new readers that discovered me today. The greatest gift I received was to see my work admired. A special thank you to those who approached me with requests for meetings, conferences and other such matters, I can’t wait to get started. As always, a big thank you to my wonderful fairy godmothers for willingly playing the roles of cheerleaders, mentors, messengers, mothers, collaborators and saviors when necessary.

This is another stepping stone in the road that I am traveling as NovelDame.  What an amazing experience! I’m off to go brainstorm what to do next! Any suggestions? Maybe I’ll ponder doing some podcasts…

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  1. I would love to hear your voice as a complement to your Voice! Authors reading their own work – powerful.

    So proud of you, and you haven’t even hit your stride yet.

  2. Wow, Novel Dame. What an incredible learning experience we had at the fair. I agree with Diane, you are just at the beginning of this incredible journey. You came away from the tech fair with so many treasures and wins.

    I like the new sidebar additions. …and now, on to very exciting new tools to explore and use. Thanks for letting me hitch a ride!

  3. NovelDame- terrific to meet you in person today. Please think about joining us at the Teen Lit conference in April. Unfortunately it is the last day of spring break. Here is some information:

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