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I woke up this morning after a fitful sleep filled with dreams about books. I credit for this. . .

Following my recent pattern of introducing new websites, I feel the need to strike up the band for a new favorite: Students2.0

It is a bit tricky to find without google since it is a .org site, but it is one my the most brilliant discoveries of the year. The first thing that caught my eye was the “About Us” Statement that sparked something inside me.

About Us: We are students: the ones who come to school every day, raise our hands with safe questions, and keep our heads down. Except, now we have a voice—a strong voice—to share our ideas through a global network.”

Is that not brilliant? I didn’t know this was what I had been looking for until I found it. What I respect is that not just anyone can contribute, which raises the standards to a level not often attempted with blogs. Another point is that this site isn’t about complaints. Instead, it shows genuine concern for the lack of advancement in the education system and gives suggestions from the students themselves. Even though it is my Senior year, it is nice to read all of the posts and believe that it is never too late to make some changes.

I once read that every great idea can be countered with the question of “Yes, but how?” Many students have excellent suggestions pertaining to their education and what they’d like to see, but somewhere along the way we began to believe what everyone has been telling us; we are just teenagers. This site is definitely contributing to changing the way people see things. There’s a big shift taking place, and with luck, it will start a revolution of sorts. Listen up, students! This is how.

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  1. I’ve been following Students 2.0 from the start and love to hear the fresh young voices.

    I know that they’re always looking for others to join them – why don’t you get in contact?

    Enjoy your blog – I’m a “Novel Dame” too.


  2. I am so glad you are back on track, I have missed your thoughts. I anxiously await your posts on 2.0.

  3. you do speak the truth, of course they are not all “school is wonderful” and ” i love school”

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