A Mile a Minute on Pause


Do you ever just forget? I do. Sometimes I get so involved in absolutely nothing that I forget everything else. Somehow, I have made a habit of registering for odd sites and never returning. It isn’t until i check my Spam Email that it occurs to me while looking at all the addresses that Hey, thats where all your time goes!

In fact, I ran across one of the most brilliant websites that is not so very well-known.


I adore this site for many reasons: it promotes the sharing of well-loved books between complete strangers. You never know if the book you left on the bus stop bench will touch someone’s life, but its nice to think that it will. I love the idea of doing good and never seeing the results. Not to mention that it is a productive method of cleaning out book shelves! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went through and thought to myself, I love this book too much to trash it, but I’ll never read it again!  This is a wonderful solution. My only problem is Where to release them?? answer: everywhere!

And after playing around on the website for a bit, I learned that BookCrossing is now open to schools! This is exciting because I can’t stop imagining all the possibilities! This promotes literacy in a fun way. It encourages reading, journaling and participation. There are so many ways to promote this program in the classroom that I’m surprised it hasn’t been picked up yet! It is applicable to Geography classes, Computer Tech and (obviously) English classes, it could launch a new program for libraries, or promote communication between schools, oh . . . I’ll get off my soapbox now.

I’m amazed at how easily inspired I am. Either way, I’m releasing (many) books tomorrow. Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for the good post and a wonderful find. You’ve a lovely way of communicating your message. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Remember to request their kit — labels for inside your books to “release”. It explains the BookCrossing philosophy and provides a link to register the book for anyone who happens upon your book. A very cool way to track where your book travels and to whom. I leave mine in airports whenever I fly somewhere — gives the books a “head start” on their book adventures.

  3. I too love this site, and like you I had forgotten about it. I recently uncovered a poster that I did a few years ago trying to promote this in school. I believe I shall bring out the poster and give it another try. It truly is fun to track your book’s travels.

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