Playing Catch (up)


     I went book shopping. This was dangerous. It was wonderful. I managed to aquire an interesting array of books:

                             Palmistry – Peter Hazel
         The Virgin Suicides – Jeffrey Eugendes
Crime and Punishment* – Fyodor Dostoevsky
                                Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie
               Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
   50 Mathematical Ideas – Tony Crilly 
                       High Fidelity – Nick Hornby

* This one has an interesting story. Once upon atime, I went through a phase where I went about finding various uses for books. After plenty of thinking, I decided to turn a book into a purse. I went to a used book store and spent a good hour scourig the shelves for the perfect book to rip apart. I was looking for one of those classic, gorgeous hardcovers with the swirly designs on them. I finally found it.
      The book was smallish and red, with gold accents. I vowed not to read it before I cut it up because then I’d get attached (I was a very sentimental reader). And we all know we couldnt have that happen!
      I never read it. It took me three weeks before I found the nerve to remove the pages with cautionary precision. When I finished, I left terrible. I felt like a murderer! Who was I to think that I had the right to remove a book from this world? it didn’t take me long to appreciate the priny that sat upon the scattered pages before me; I had just butchered Crime and Punishment

      I felt so terrible that I saved the pages for two years before I managed to pay tribute to the Book Gods for my crime. I used most of said pages between two art pieces. What made me buy this book (again) is that while cutting and pasting, I would pick up words, and settings and quotes. After three or four days I was picking up whole paragraphs and regretting not keeping the pages in order. Even in bits and pieces, this story was good. And so, the circle is complete.

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