Book 3 of 2008


High Fidelity is amazing. But not in my normal use of the word. I feel wonderfulyl guilty for reading this book because Nick Hornby gave women an unedited look into the mind of man. By no means is this a safe place to wander. The back blurbs of praise even warn that men should “Keep this book away from your girlfriend – it contains too many of your secrets to let it fall into the wrong hands”. -Details. This book is more of a one-sided conversation than a novel. I picked up my terrible habit of highlighting and note-writing in books I own. Lord have mercy if I ever loan these out or turn them in to a used-book store (even I am shocked to see the connections Ive made while reading).

To be honest, I adore Rob, the protagonist. He’s a huge movie buff, has read important novels and loves music with a passion. H At the same time, were I ever to run into him, I would throw a chocolate milkshake in his face – vanilla would be a waste. This book explains men and it’s all Rob’s fault. I now understand why guys say “nothing” when I ask what they were thinking. Because they really were thinking about nothing. They overthink the most meaningless ideas and they do it so often that its better to just admit that it was nothing than explain why they were thinking about feeding firecrackers to a hamster while going sweater shopping with you.

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  1. I hate to admit it, but sometimes we do do stuff like that. I’ve never thought about feeding a hamster a firecracker but that’s the besides the point. I’m going to have to read that just to find out how true this book is.

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