Happy New Year!


So far, 2008 is off to a start. Whether a bad one or a good one, it is not yet known. My biggest New Year’s Resolution is to actually read all the books on my “To Read” shelf (previously known as the stack on my nightstand) from cover to cover. There isn’t any particular order I hope to go in, I just wish to get it done.

I’m having a lot of trouble mustering enough ambition to finish The DaVinci Code. It is well written, and incorporates a lot of interesting concepts and points in history, but I was more impressed with one of his other books, The Eternity Code (despite the sappy parts). Perhaps thats because I’ve been turned on to the more interesting properties of math recently, and the ways in which he explained various codes and their histories is more appealing to me now than a refresher course on DaVinci’s secret life.
Apparently he has another book in the works, and I’m curious as to what path he’s going to take with that one: mathematical or historical. Either way, the guy knows his stuff. I wouldn’t mind sitting in on a lecture sometime. One of the biggest complaints I’ve read concerning  The DaVinci Code is that he ignores certain historical points in order to make the theories accurate. I don’t think this is a big deal, to be honest. Dan Brown wrote a fictional book. It’s a good story, and that’s all.

I’m glad to see that comments are picking up: You know I love hearing from all of you. In any case, I’m always up for a few good recommendations, and the goal is to be through that shelf before I graduate. Wish me luck, and Happy New Year, book fiends!

* EDIT – 9:18 pm

I finished it, and I was unimpressed. Cute ending, I admit, but I dont want to be using “cute” in the future to describe another mystery/suspense novel. Dan Brown had great intention but there were far too many “iffy” parts to validate a flawless delivery. Would I recommend this book? Only to select people, and not because of the religious aspect. The DaVinci Code isn’t for everyone. Maybe the problem is that this particular book doesnt appeal to my generation. It was good, but not great. May I remind you that I already warned readers of my bias…

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  1. Happy new year to you too. 🙂

    I’d like to invite you to visit Students 2.0, a blog written by a handful of students worldwide for a huge audience of educators worldwide.

    I’m the teacher who started it, and I’m entirely legit. Feel free to show this to your parents and explain to them that this is an opportunity for writing as fine as yours to receive the audience it deserves.

    And feel free to contact me if you have further questions 🙂

    Love your blog. Want more people to discover you.

    Clay Burell
    HS English Teacher/21st Century Learning Specialist

  2. How embarrassing – I should have written, “invite you to visit – and become a staff writer on – Students 2.0”!

    Yours in dreams that the new year will bring us editable comments 😉

  3. Happy New Year to you my dear Novel Dame. I continue to marvel at your writing and your insite into books. I see that you have been invited to become a staff writer on Students 2.0. I suspected it would not be long before those beyond the Fairie Godmothers would find your blog and recognize your talent. Keep on reading and keep on writing.

  4. Novel Dame, hope you will join the Students 2.0 if you are so inclined! Very exciting for you and your wonderful ability to write. I am eager to hear all about it soon!

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