Paradigm Shifts


I finished one of the most amazing, astounding books over Thanksgiving break and it has taken me this long to let it settle. It was recommended by my favorite teacher, and – as mentioned earlier – I pushed it to the front of my reading list. When we got back, he asked me two questions: “What did you think of it?” Fireworks, I replied. “How would you describe it?” It’s a non-fictional idea presented in a fictional manner.
This is the kind of book that changes lives. Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael is revolutionary in its ideas, and smooth in its delivery. What is Ishmael about? A student, a teacher, and everything else. Name an aspect of life, and it is in there. One idea that is echoing in my mind all the time is the idea that we, both as individuals and a culture, are enacting the story told to us by our “Mother Culture”. Now, what exactly Mother Culture is defined as is better explained by the book.
The story begins with a newspaper ad: “Teacher seeks pupil, must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.” Through a rather unique dialogue, Ishmael and his student try to explain “how things came to be this way” for mankind. It may appear to be a very vague question, but its really not. This really isnt the kind of book that can be reviewed well, but please, just trust my recommendation and go pick it up. What do you have to lose? After all, there’s a reason this is now My second-most favorite book.

Personally, I’m going to ask Santa for my own copy for Christmas.

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  1. Ishmael is great!!! I love it. If I had my own copy I would have read it about ten times already. Not to mention I probably would be reading it again. When you get your own copy, read over and over again. You always get something new out of it. 10/10 book.

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