Come Fly With Me

     It won’t be long before this thing really takes off… I’m in the middle of making some changes, such as a completely different format. We’ll see how well this works, and expect to see things change three or four times before it actually works… I wish you all could see me, with Michael Buble(this generation’s Frank Sinatra) blasting on my iPod, mumbling to myself about format codes, and “‘ forget to put that in the blog…”  or “ooh, that’d make a good post theme…” followed by adding to the infamous book list (which still needs to be edited, so sorry).

Now, past the technicalities of this:

I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! Last night I discovered the large variety of audiobooks available (I had previously only had one) and Podcasts. If you haven’t dicovered Podcasts, you’re missing out. Its like your favorite parts of the newspaper put into audio form and delivered every morning. iTunes offers one called Meet the Authorin which the author gets to speak freely about their book and their experiences writing it. I also “subscribed” to various Discovery Channel and History Channel  Podcasts, in which case they also offer certain shows (hint, hint) in such form. Now if only I can track down Food Networkclips… As for Audiobooks, I think they’re a brilliant idea, seeing as how anyone can do productive work while listening to the book. This is helpful if its rather dull, seeing as how I’m much more likely to listen to the pleasant voice than read bad text. My only problem (so far) is memory. I only have so much on my iPod, which means certain music files will have to be moved soon… Currently, I have made room for A People’s History of the United States, The Grapes of Wrath and The Da Vinci Code. 
  Howard Zinn’s A People’s History is impressive. Long, detailed, but accurate. He glorifies no event and holds nothing back.

update: 9 am

reformatting this is proving to be quite a challenge! Its all very technical and I’m learning quite a lot, but no one will see results for quite some time. I apologize.

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  1. I am so impressed with your techie advances. Keep up your posts, I am so enjoying seeing you ‘grow’ such an interesting site. I shall have to investigate the audio books and podcasts, thanks for the information.

  2. I shall listen to Michael Buble! Always looking for new music!

    Novel Dame, as busy as you are, how do you keep up with it all? I have listened to some podcasts put have yet to find one that I am willing to spend the time to subscribe to and then actually listen to on a regular basis. I don’t even have any tv shows that I watch on a regular basis anymore, in fact, zero, zilch, nada. I guess I am just burned out for the time being. I think there are some great things that could be done with podcasts. I think it’s interesting that this new version of the old radio broadcasts is on the upswing.

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