Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It tops Christmas, it tops my birthday (which falls on Valentine’s Day, as a plus) and it tops national holidays which get me the day off from school. Yes, its been highly “Hallmarked”, but I think that everyone likes a good scare. Everyone has something that they’re afraid of. And if you honestly believe you’re afraid of nothing, you don’t know yourself well enough.

I’ve kept up the tradition of home-made Halloween costumes since I was a kid, and I see the idea of trying to top last-year’s costume in elaboration, idea, creativity, etc as a challenge. I honestly start thinking about my costume 9 months before Halloween. Why, you ask? Oh, because I change ideas a dozen times (I’m still waiting to be Peter Pan or Robin Hood…).

Halloween night, I rarely go out to “party”, so instead I put on a scary movie, chosen from the dozen that are available on TV, or I turn off all the lights and light a dozen candles around the house and curl up with a good book in between handing out candy. I stay in costume, of course.

What books, you ask? For a good scare I prefer to stick with the supernatural. Ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and the like. I used to LOVE pulling out Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and waiting for the shivers to creep up my spine. I also cant resist picking up true ghost stories like Coast to Coast Ghosts, or Irish Ghost Stories. In my mind, true ghost stories blend history and nightmares into something so fine, it sticks to your skin after you close the book. I find a special thrill in walking around the house, checking the windows and turning on lights just in case. Tonight I’ll either be with Michael Meyers and his mask (Halloween) or a few hundred pages on haunting known around the Midwest. HINT: Colorado is home to a special hotel used in filming an infamous Stephen King thriller….

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