Consider with Caution

I’ve been playing with the idea of reformatting the entire site before it is launched to the community. It would take time, and become rather complicated to organize, but I think that it would look more “professional”. Any Thoughts? Suggestions?

And I haven’t picked up anything new yet, but I think I’ll have to revert back to “chick lit” or a children’s novel (Peter Pan, maybe?)  or… even some nice, technical non-fiction on Quantum Physics (its really rather interesting!) because, as you’ve read, my latest reading has been rather heavy. More like a block of emotional lead than a “meaty” story.

Ooh, I’m thinking of starting A Series of Unfortunate Events

Anyway, email contact has been removed, posts have been edited, there are new sidebar toys, and I’m working on that Reading Playlist right now. What Else should I add to the site? And I’m going to definitely work on editing down my “To Read” List… even I know that 900+ is a little much… so I’ll have to research each book and… oh, why am I telling you? More later, oh captive audience. Read much and be well.

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  1. If you’re going to down your list I would suggest by maybe a few hundred or so. Take it down to approximately 500 or so and when you’re done with those you take on the other 400 of them. But hey that’s just me.

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