Insanity Sells!

    Maybe I’m just reading into things (pardon the pun) but I’m noticing a very obvious theme of insanity and abuse in my latest trail of books.

– The Dollanganger Series

            Well that’s an obvious one. Grandma beats mother, who ends up selfish and vain, and in turn neglects and poisons daughter who becomes tormented, sexually irresponsible and incestuous,  and all that history of mental disease trickles down and pools into the final son who is the product of daughter and mother’s husband… the whole series is one big car crash.

-Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

            They speak of “mother love”, and its written with the symbols for pain and love. This is mentioned most often during the foot binding process in which her mother forces her to walk on bound feet, breaking her own toes, and whips the back of her daughter’s legs to make her continue walking. Some say its learned behavior, a culture thing, and the daughter does accept it as “mother love”… and its not until much later, once she’s married off, that she discovers it wasn’t “mother love” that was being displayed, but her mother’s selfishness to gain higher status in the community.

-The Almost Moon

            As stated earlier, the narrator is the product of a tormented, suicidal father and a vain, highly agoraphobic mother. What a lovely combination! Narrator eventually smothers her 80-something year old mother to death and proceeds to dispose of the body in between flashbacks.

I have come to one conclusion: People should be required to have permits in order to reproduce.

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  1. Ah Novel Dame I am so interested in your conclusion! Having read the opening pages of this new book, I decided that I would have to wait for a different mind set to continue. That may be a long time coming.
    But to comment on your conclusion, the gene pool is a large and mysterious entity in this life. At times, I agree that it needs a life guard to hand out “permits”, if you will. Then again, who would be chosen to be such a guard and what characteristic would they utimately decide was not worthy of breeding? HMMMMMM?

  2. Dear Novel Dame,
    I, like you, have also wondered at time if parents-to-be should not have to submit to some type of licensing in order to reproduce. What people do to their own children can be pretty scary. On the other hand, the vast majority of people are loving parents to their offspring. I don’t know what the answer is, but I must agree with Flora that the problem lies with who would decide.

    I think you should read some lighter fare, my dear! Books about abuse are definite downers. I read mainly to escape and I definitely would want to escape abuse. Thank goodness there are a zillion other great reads out there. You have only to look further………..

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