Teen Read Week

 “Celebrating its 10-year anniversary October 14-20, Teen Read Week™ provides us with a wonderful opportunity to spend a week of our time devoted to and celebrating teen reading. ” says yalsa.com.

     Meaning Teen Read Week is a lovely little promotional “holiday” set up to promote both reading and Young Adult Novels (YANs). This year’s theme is LOL @ your library®, which suggests humor as we “Laugh Out Loud” and reminds us that teens teens are very much connected to the internet.

 And I have set up a seperate booklist featuring a whole bunch of funny novels recommended by both various sources and myself (although Ive only read a few of them). The 2007 Teens Top Ten Nominees (PDF, Adobe required) and ready to be voted on, so take a look! I have read none of these books, so any opinions on them are welcome. And lastly, If any ladies out there are interested in taking a survey, I know that SmartGirl.com is interested in some opinions on Teen Read Week.

One “funny novel” will be featured each day for the rest of the week. Today’s Book Of the Day is Thwonk by Joan Bauer.

Our Narrator, A.J. is a senior photographer whose most recent assignment is to capture teen love in time for the Valentine’s Day issue. Thats the last thing she wants to do. Melted candy hearts, crumpled valentines and ragged cupid dolls are more her thing, not couples strolling along the beach. But when she does find a battered cupid and tells the doll why she hates Valentine’s Day so much, things take a turn. Suddenly everything starts to go right when Peter, the love of her life, finally starts to take notice of her! It doesn’t take long before she figures out its all because of Jonathan, the cupid out to make right his wrongs. Its a humorous book that teaches the lesson of you should be careful what you wish for.

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  1. I suspected you to be an awesome reader, this blog confirms my suspicions. You are a very well read young woman, such diverse taste! Keep blogging, I’ll continue to check in on your updates. Have you read the new Lemony Snicket book “Horseradish”? It is a quick 20 minute read containing many pearls of wisdom. My person favorite in the “travel” chapter; “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them”.
    That about sums up my philosophical bent for this time.

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