A Blogger’s Work is Never Done.

It is 9 am on a foggy gray Saturday and I’m bundled up in a sweater, sitting at the computer. Its the perfect day to grab a blanket and a hot cup of Cider or tea and just sit.

No, I didn’t wake up just to do this. Actually, I’m at work. But with the weather being terrible, there’s no work to do. And since I have a little extra time, I figured I’d go play around a bit. I’ll probably post again later (previous blog has taught me to keep it short and sweet) giving links and such, but Im working on both a “My Favorites” List and a Book Discussion page where we can discuss a book in-depth without having to worry about giving away spoilers. The catch is you HAVE to have read the book before you join the discussion.

As for that playlist, I know I have some songs in mind… does anyone else? And are there any more books I need to pick up?

And a rather generous benefactor was kind enough to lend me the NEW Scott Westerfield book, Extras. If you haven’t read the first three (Uglies, Pretties, Specials), then I highly recommend you pick them up. This is a hairline away from ending up in the not-yet-finished “My Favorites” section. I expect another awesome plot twist and some old faces to surface again… I’ll review it later.

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  1. It’s grey and cool here on the prairies of Western Canada too, a light, cold drizzle coming down outside the window. A good day for blogging, reading and watching vintage movies on TV. My sons like Westerfeld’s books too and they’ve been reading the INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET, which has just made the National Book Award shortlist for kid novels. Gorgeous book.

    Enjoy the weather in whatever manner you can, a day well-lived is never a day wasted…

  2. Thank you for your gracious comments–always glad to hear from folks, pro and con, re: my blog. It’s controversial, sometimes unpleasant reading but always entertaining, yes? Keep bloggin’, keep readin’, it’s a pleasure to know there’re people like you out there…

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